Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving favors

Since my Mom does most (all) of the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner, except for the pies :), (THANKS MOM!!!!!) I thought I would make some favors for everyone. I used the Wedding cart for the pillow box and the Animal Kingdom cart for the turkey. I didn't feel like cutting out and glueing down the turkeys beak so I just used a marker....lazy, lazy, lazy. For the hershey nuggets...I printed out the pics. on labels and wrapped them around the candy. The little indian girl and the little boy were only available in black/white, but who is really going to be paying attention to that, lol....they just want to eat the candy:).


Anonymous said...

The cooking is my pleasure. {oh my}The favors will be the highlite of the meal. They are so cute. MOM

Rose said...

oh these are super cute!! hey mom, what time is dinner?? LOL and your so right kim.....get the paper off fast and eat the candy :0)

shelly said...

love these kim !