Friday, August 14, 2009

How great are these awards???!!!!!!!

Thanks again Rose for thinking of me and sending me 2 more awards!!!!! Now that my migrane is gone I can get to posting them and passing them on to others.

Here are the rules: List 5 things that I like and pass it on to 5 others.

(Mine are listed in no particular order)

1. dogs, cats, hummingbirds, seahorses....really any and all animals
2. chocolate
3. shopping for craft supplies
4. napping
5. talking (LOL)

This award reminds me of when I was sooooooooooooo much younger. I went to see this movie at the drive-in with my Mom, Grandma, my Aunt Chris and my sister Sylvia many, many yrs ago.

Here are the rules: 1. Insert blog award logo.
2. Thank and post a link to the bogger who sent you the award.
3. Assign at least 7 blogger awards.
4. Add links to those blogs.
5. Send comments nominating them of the award.

Here are the ladies that I have chosen. I know some of you already have them.

Rose: You have been a huge inspiration to me with my card making...THANK YOU!!!!!

Gail: Thank you for being one of my followers!!!!!

Rosie: Thank you for being one of my followers!!!!!

Alisha: Thank you for being one of my followers!!!!!

Lorrie: Thank you for being one of my followers!!!!!

Shelly: You have also been a huge inspiration to me...THANK YOU!!!!!

Okie: You got me motivated to make cards on the Cricut MB with the "OKIES CARD CHALLENGES." THANK YOU!!!!!

brz352: I don't have a blog listed for you, but if you have one please let me know and make sure to grab the awards also....oh...and thank you for being one of my followers!!!!!

Thank you ladies for those who are my followers on my blog and Thanks to all of you ladies for being a great inspiration!!!!!!!!

Everyone reading this...Make sure that you go and check out these talented ladies blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stampin Shorty said...

Thank you for the awards that was very nice

shelly said...

hi kim! thanks a million for thinkin about me with the awards i very much appreciate them! glad to see you have a blog :) and now that you do you can come join us at paperblooms and craftycreative challenges ;) would love to see your awesome talent at both places :) i'll get my awards posted in the next day or 2.. trying to get them uploaded onto a slide show . hugs girl! shelly

Bearylish said...

Thanks for the award! Never had one before how do I had these on my blog?

Bearylish said...

I meant to say add it's late:)

KimS said...

Bearylish...I sent you an e-mail.