Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am a SLACKER!!!!!

How horrible....I started this blog and I haven't really made anything to post because I have been on vacation (from work) this week and I have been doing a ton of shopping :), and a little of swimming in my pool. I am working on something, but it's just not finished. In the are a couple pics of my furbabies for you to look at.
My cats name is Munchkin..she is 17 1/2 yrs. old..well young. She was a stray cat that I fed from the time she was a kitten, and I decided to take her in when she was about 1 yr. old..because DH and I were moving and I didn't want anything to happen to her.
The 1st dogs pic. is my dog Shep...who is such a mommies boy. He is 4 yrs. old. DH and I got him from the shelter when he was just a puppy.
The 2nd dogs pic. is my dog Shyla...who is definately a daddy's girl. She is 4 yrs. old. She came from a shelter also. She was a stray that was found and picked up. She was approx. 4-5 months of age when we got her. She is about 1 month younger then Shep.
Hope you enjoy the pics., and thanks for stopping by!!!!

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Rose said...

well you are a slacker but i will keep you as a friend anyway LOL :) such cute babies!!! and very sweet of you to take them in and spoil them rotton (i know they are!)