Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shyla loves corn on the cob!!!!!

I was obviously bored tonight, and really don't have time to make a card or I thought I would add a video. I don't know why, but it just cracks me up that my dog Shyla loves corn on the cob. I know.....silly, but I was bored at the moment. Hope you enjoy the video!!! TFL


Rose said...

ROFL!!! how odd your dog is :) and she didnt even leave a bite for the other dog!! too funny!!

shelly said...

im with rose your dog is odd :) i love the quirkiness of dogs :)
i have 4 cats.. one LOVES spicy nacho cheese and hot sauce. one other likes beef from the crockpot.. when i put a roast in overnight and after a couple hours when the aroma starts filling up the house...... he doesnt let me sleep ..he takes me to the counter and i have to show him the foods not done yet then he lets me sleep for a bit longer then were right back up again.. drives me bonkers! my other two.. one likes canned diced tomatoes and the other likes canned tomato sauce. they also LOVE refried beans . and i said your dog was odd.. i have some nerve dont i lol